From the Mouth of a Snapdragon

From the Mouth of a Snapdragon, released in 1992, pays homage to nature:  the four seasons, wildflowers, the Seine River and more.  Linda also experimented with unusual sounds from panpipes and Indonesian gamelan instruments to accordion and ocarina.  The mostly original compositions are inspired in part by Linda’s three years in Paris beginning in 1986.  She also includes minimalist bass, drums, voice renditions of French composer, Claude Nougaro’s La Pluie Fait des Claquettes as well as the classic Gershwin song Summertime.  Duke Ellington also shows up in an original poem, Creole Love Call, named after a composition that Duke recorded in 1927.  Featured instrumentalists are Jill Fredericksen (percussion), Miguel Camacho (panpipes), and Chris Allen (vibraphone). The title of the recording emerges from Linda’s fascination with snapdragons as a child and her curiosity about where the creative process alights from.  For all we know, creativity comes from the mouth of a snapdragon!

Listen to “Angels Are On Parade” from From the Mouth of a Snapdragon: